About me

 I currently live in Bucharest, studying advertising at the Faculty of Journalism and I spend my time doing photography – it gives me peace and trust in what I am to become.
What I can tell about me is that my passion for this art came as a genuine discovery of myself, after realising, a few years ago(when I was 21), that I’m not in the right place, deciding to move to a completely different level. Now I do what I love the most, have no regrets but confidence in me and in what I do. 
* 2014-Official photographer at the National Theatre Festival 
* 2015-Official photographer at the National Theatre Festival 
* 2014-Official photographer at the International Animation Theatre Festival
enescu * 2013 – Official photographer at the “George Enescu” International Music Festival (with over 3000 international artists performing in a music festival from 1-28 September)
* 2015 – Official photographer at the “George Enescu” International Music Festival (with over 3000 international artists performing in a music festival from 1-20 September)
fnti* 2013 – Official photographer at the National Independent Theatre Festival  1st edition
* 2014 – Official photographer at the National Independent Theatre Festival 2nd edition

* July 2014 – Present: Jr. Art – at Artvendo(Advertising agency, Bucharest, Romania)


Selected Press

National Theatre Festival(www.fnt.ro)

National Independent Theatre Festival(www.fnti.ro)

Theatre news article – West side Story(yorick.ro – 2014)

Theatre news article – The power of music in the National Theatre Festival(yorick.ro – 2014)

News article(George Enescu Festival – wieninternational.at – 2015)


Interview(moftul.ro – 2014)


Interview(ralix.ro – 2013)


Bucureștiul meu drag(online magazine – 2013)


           CBP – Touristic album distributed in Romania, Ukraine, Rep. of Moldavia(2012)
                       Photograph used in a news articleB365.ro – online publication

Selected Exhibitions

George Enescu Festival Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania – 2015

Street Photography Day, Bucharest, Romania – 2014

Photography Project, Gaziantep, Turkey – 2014
Cross Border Pictures, Romania(Iasi), Ukraine(Chernivtsi), Rep. of Moldavia(Balti) – 2012
ISO400, Timișoara, Romania – 2011
Legere Cafe, Bucharest, Romania – 2011 

Photography Contests

Street Photography Day, finalist, Bucharest, Romania – 2014

Colorimetrul cultural, 1st place, Bucharest, Romania – 2013

Cross Border Pictures, finalist, Romania, Ukraine, Rep. of Moldavia – 2012
ISO400, finalist, Timisoara, Romania – 2011
Cesarom, 1st place, Bucharest Romania – 2011 



“Madness” team

2nd place in Europe(14 countries, 79 teams) – I’M SORRY CAMPAIGNAdventure Competition
“Crystal Clear” team
14th place in Europe(14 countries, 90 teams) – THE MISSING PIECE CAMPAIGNAdventure Competition

Curriculum Vitae